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Алис Кълан


Myself and two other architecture students went along to see the new vampire come romance movie twilight..

..We made the mistake of going opening
day. Aussie kids are currently on their Christmas break and amoungst
them, screaming teens, all hungry for the blood (like vampires.. get
it?) of teen heart throb, ex- harry potter star, Robert Pattinson or
‘Edward Cullen’ as those who have seen the movie might know him.

Edward’s room..It might come as a
surprise to you, that myself and my friends, all in our twenties (and
two of us male..) all swooned at one point..

But it probably wasn’t for the same reason as majority of the audience.

I’m talking about the Cullen’s House..

Edward Cullen: “What did you expect? Coffins, and dungeons and moats?”
Bella: “Um..not the moats.”

Well I’m happy to say that there were no
coffins, dungeons or moats.. but rather a splendid contemporary home,
that’s certainly worth investigating…

The amazing symmetry and rough floor looks great, and the (perhaps over used) hanging lamp looks great in this living room.

The meals and dining area look warm and inviting, a strong use of timber again, simple tables and furniture used effectively.
Notice the floor to ceiling windows wrapping the kitchen that provide
great natural lighting as well as splendid green, forest views.

The contemporary boxy home is well
positioned on the site, the architects have taken advantage of the
natural sloping landscape and have strategically placed the home so it
looks out over the greenery.

It’s the use of timber that really does
if for me, the striking middle floor of three level home creates a nice
contrast with the industrial grey of the other stories, and again,
relates back to it’s site, fitting in nicely with its green forest

Modern, white and pristine bathrooms

Amazing bathroom window/skylight would allows its users to feel very free and open when stripped down and having a shower.

The contemporary feel is continued
inside the home. The walls are a tradational modern clean cut white,
though the clever use of timber is continued into the home as
floorboards and on the stairs.

The house is open and bright and naturally well lit through the obvious use of large and multiple windows.

A bit of a side note, Twilight was a great movie and is definitely worth watching, (i’ve just started the first book also!)
But i’ll leave it up to you to decide which you prefer, the eye candy of Edward Cullen or his home.


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